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In het seizoen 2017-18 organiseert de Volksuniversiteit opnieuw lezingen in het Academisch Genootschap. Gratis voor vriend(inn)en van de VUE.

Klik hier(boven) voor het programmaboekje als pdf [0.75 MB]

Nederlands niveau 1


First you see an explanation about the course content and our way of working. After reading the course description you may scroll down to register for a course.


The first level courses are intended for foreigners with little or no knowledge of, or fluency, in the Dutch language. You will obtain practical fluency in and written command of the Dutch language needed for daily communication.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you will start at no knowledge (level 0) and obtain level A1. For more details, please google “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”.

In the beginning of the course the teacher speaks a lot of English to explain the Dutch language. The reasons are a lot of different nationalities in the class and the frequency, a lesson of once a week. However, as the course proceeds, more and more Dutch will be used for explanations.


- Lessons of 1,25 or 1,5 hours in a classroom once a week
- Homework: AT LEAST 2 hours a week
- Presence in class: necessary to attend all lessons (or if not possible, miss only two or three)
- Students follow 1 course in a study year. Students learn Dutch in a normal pace.

- For students, having limited time to do homework due to personal circumstances or persons learning a language in a normal pace
- In general the most appropriate course Dutch level 1 for people, who do not have a Dutch social network at home and/or work.

Students need to make a considerable effort to get in contact with Dutch at LEAST a few times a week. You could perhaps watch Dutch TV, listen to Dutch songs or read small news articles on internet.


- Diploma of a secondary education of 10 years or more in country of student's origin.
- Good knowledge of English of the student required to follow the class.


Following textbook is used in class:
De Opmaat, Maud Beersmans en Wim Tersteeg, ISBN 978 908506723 8, about € 34,00

During course level 1 / niveau 1, theme 1 up till including 5 are taught.
At the end of the course you will have finished the themes for level A1.

Don't buy the book before you are sure you can join the course. You will receive an official confirmation of participation through mail. (This is not the same as registration confirmation.)

Other materials:
- To some teachers you need to pay extra € 5,00 for copies of own learning materials.
- During the first lesson the teacher will advise you which dictionary you should use and can/need to buy.
- Some other needed materials can be downloaded from internet.
- The student needs to have a computer and an internet connection at his or her disposal.


For underneath topics please contact:

- registration and course availability: the administration office,
- course content or to determine your level of Dutch knowledge:
the teacher of the course, which you want to follow

You may contact the teacher through mail and/or visit the INFORMATION EVENING held at Wednesday 30th August 2017. During the information evening you may drop by between 19.00-21.00, location:

Van Maerlantlyceum, Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11, 5615 JS Eindhoven

It offers you the possibility to meet the teacher, to ask questions about course content and to check your Dutch and English language knowledge level. It is very important to visit this evening when you are unsure, whether your English is sufficient enough to follow course level 1, and speak about it with a teacher.

Should you not be able to visit this information evening, you may ask your questions by mail to the teacher of the course, which you want to follow. Please provide the teacher with a few relevant details in your mail such as your nationality, your education, your English knowledge and whether you have a lot of Dutch daily contacts. See mail addresses below.


Registration is done through the internet form at our website. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REGISTER YOURSELF BY CONTACTING THE TEACHER THROUGH INTERNET.

CHECK THE FREQUENT ASKED QUESTIONS, for more information about our way of working, such as: how to register, cancelation rules, finance, certificate of attendance, waiting list, switching from a regular to an intensive course and more.
(See the red icon on the home page of our website or the blue tab of this web page "Help & FAQ")

If you already know your level for Dutch, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven strongly recommends you to register yourself before the information evening. Should it be necessary to change your level afterwards, we will cooperate as much as possible.


Books and other material (not included in course fee): approximately €39,- plus dictionary

Teachers and mail addresses for more information:
Mrs. A.M. Beks,
Mr. G. de Bont,
Mrs. M. Gruintjes,

Please ONLY contact the teacher of the course, which you desire to follow!


tijd: dinsdag 19:15-20:30 uur
periode:19 september t/m 10 april 2018 - 25 lessen
plaats:Buurtcentrum De Rondweg Camphuysenstraat 1 EINDHOVEN
docent: G.P. de Bont
extra info: Our way of working – see homepage "frequent questions'' or Help & FAQ

attentie: Deze cursus is vol. U kunt zich niet meer inschrijven.
maximaal: 12 deelnemers
minimaal: 8 deelnemers
prijs: € 222,00
code: DUT105
tijd: dinsdag 20:15-21:45 uur
periode:19 september t/m 17 april 2018 - 20 lessen
plaats:Van Maerlantlyceum Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11 EINDHOVEN
docent:A.M. Beks
A.M. Beks
Begonnen als lerares aan een basisschool, later aan middelbare scholen in Nederland, Nigeria en Kenia. Terug in Nederland heb ik de cursus docent Nederlands als Tweede Taal gevolgd.
Vanaf 1998 jaar werkte ik als docent Nederlands als Tweede taal op het Ster College , onderdeel van ROC- Eindhoven(nu Summa College) .Ik heb met verschillende groepen gewerkt: van analfabeten tot mensen met minimaal middelbare school. Nu geef ik les aan hoogopgeleiden.
extra info: Our way of working – see homepage "frequent questions'' or Help & FAQ

maximaal: 14 deelnemers
minimaal: 8 deelnemers
prijs: € 214,00
code: DUT110
tijd: donderdag 19:00-20:15 uur
periode:21 september t/m 12 april 2018 - 25 lessen
plaats:Van Maerlantlyceum Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11 EINDHOVEN
docent:M. Gruintjes
M. Gruintjes
Mijn eerste lessen Nederlands heb ik gegeven in het reguliere middelbaar onderwijs. Maar al gauw werkte ik in het NT2. Daarom ben ik in de jaren negentig aan de universiteit van Tilburg gaan studeren in de specialisatie 'Taal en Cultuur'.
Bijna dertig jaar heb ik in gewerkt in het internationale middelbare onderwijs. Daarna heb ik lesgegeven op het ROC, nu Summacollege. Ik heb op alle niveaus gewerkt, van beginners tot intermediate, van A1 tot C1.
Ik vind het leuk om mijn taal, het Nederlands, aan anderstaligen te leren. En door mijn cursisten leer ik ook veel over hun taal, hun land en hun cultuur. Je kan altijd blijven leren van elkaar.
extra info: Our way of working – see homepage "frequent questions'' or Help & FAQ

maximaal: 14 deelnemers
minimaal: 8 deelnemers
prijs: € 222,00
code: DUT115












Indien u onze nieuwsbrief nog niet ontvangt, kunt u zich hier aanmelden:


Bestel eventueel (nadat u bericht hebt ontvangen dat de cursus voor u doorgaat) bij Bruna/
Perhaps order (after you have received confiormation) at Bruna:

De Opmaat
ISBN 9789085067238
De opmaat