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In het seizoen 2017-18 organiseert de Volksuniversiteit opnieuw lezingen in het Academisch Genootschap. Gratis voor vriend(inn)en van de VUE.

Klik hier(boven) voor het programmaboekje als pdf [0.75 MB]

Dutch for Foreigners-Nederlands

The Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven teaches Dutch to foreign adults.

Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven does not offer Civic Integration Courses (inburgeringscursussen).

Click for courses level 1 to 6 and Short Introduction Dutch on a link below

Dutch - level 1

Dutch - level 2

Nederlands - niveau 3

Nederlands - niveau 4

Nederlands - niveau 5

Nederlands - niveau 6

Do you want to test yourself  your  knowledge of a foreign language? Use the diagnostic test DIALANG. The test  result provides the user only a first indication about his or her language skills.

Are you new to our school:  Before joining a course you should also consult the  teacher, preferably during the information evening on Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 between 19:00 to 21:00 hours.

If you already know your level for Dutch, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven strongly recommends you to register yourself before the information evening. Should it be necessary to change your level afterwards, we will cooperate as much as possible. You will get 3% discount if you register before 1 August.

Upon and/or after registering for a course you must follow the teacher’s advice concerning the appropriate course (level)  for you.

The courses

  • Classes are once a week, mainly in the evening
  • We work with small groups
  • Fees are reasonable
  • Entrance is easy (no intake)
  • Teachers are enthusiastic professionals

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the Dutch program offers six course levels, being:

  • A1 (level 1), real beginners
  • A2 (level 2), elementary beginners
  • B1 (level 3), pre-intermediate
  • B2 (level 4), intermediate
  • B2 (level 5), upper intermediate, conversation
  • B2+/C1 (level 6), proficient user, conversation

Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven provides:
- regular courses – you learn in a normal learning pace.
- intensive courses – you will learn Dutch quickly.

Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven does not offer Civic Integration Courses (inburgeringscursussen).

Who can take part?

To take the Dutch courses you must have finished secondary school in your native country. It is essential to have ten years of schooling. A good understanding of the English language is required, as level 1 and 2 will be taught with English as auxiliary language.

Course details

Most courses start in September. These courses usually consist of 25 lessons lasting 1,25  hour. Some extra courses, specially  up to level 2, start from November until April. The maximum number of students in a group is usually 12 to 14 students. 8 is a minimum. Books are not included in the fee and have to be bought by the students themselves.

To follow the courses successfully, it is necessary to attend all lessons (To miss one or two might be possible, but not more). You have to do homework for every lesson. This takes about 2 to 4 hours per week.

After having attended 80% of the classes and doing the requested homework, students may ask for a certificate in order to continue to the next level. However, this certificate is not an official diploma.

a list of all courses Dutch for Foreigners-Nederlands
(Nederlands voor anderstaligen) season 2017-18.


Conversation courses exclusively in English [see bottom list English]


help if you have problems reading the Dutch text of the website

How to get more information

The left panel lists the complete program of the Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven. Click the option

Dutch for Foreigners-Nederlands

in this panel. This will take you to a list of available courses for the various levels. Click on a level and select the course you are interested in by clicking on the grayblue titles.

You can ask the teacher questions about your personal language level and the course content during the information evening and through mail.

How to register

You cannot register by contacting the teacher. You should register by using the registration form on this website. 

Select the course you are interested in by clicking on the blue text. You can register for a course if the following text is visible next to course code:

aanmeldformulier/ registration form 

If the text is not visible the course is fully booked.
You have to wait to apply until next course or season.

If the text is visible and you want to apply for a course, click on the text. This will take you to the registration form. After applying, you will receive a mail from Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven containing a link.

Only after clicking this link, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven will finalize your registration

As soon as there are 8 students for a course, we will send a confirmation mail. Then you can buy the text book. If the number of students exceeds the number of available places, the last applicants will be placed on a waiting list or asked to register for another course.

In case you do not receive any news from Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven one week before the starting date of the course, kindly contact us immediately.

For more information about the course content or to determine your level of Dutch knowledge, please contact the teacher through mail and/or visit the information evening held at Wednesday 30 August 2017. During the information evening you may drop by between 19.00-21.00, location:

Van Maerlantlyceum, Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11, 5615 JS Eindhoven. Map

For questions about registration and availability of courses, contact the administration office of Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven:
You may also call 040-7820810 on Monday - Thursday, from 10:00 - 13:00.



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