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In het seizoen 2017-18 organiseert de Volksuniversiteit opnieuw lezingen in het Academisch Genootschap. Gratis voor vriend(inn)en van de VUE.

Klik hier(boven) voor het programmaboekje als pdf [0.75 MB]

Help: English

Most of our site should be self-evident.
However, as the text is normally in Dutch some of the details may be less obvious.

Returning to the Home page is indicated by the green arrows, thus either by clicking in the menu Home or on the logo at the left. The little hand is always an indication for a hyper link [to jump from one page to another one]

Sorting out [filtering] activities by category or type.

Above in red the menu items have been translated.

In relation to the website only [not concerning specific activities] an e-mail message could be sent directly to the Webmaster at

Probably most important are the courses Dutch for foreigners-Nederlands  and the English Program.

Dutch for Foreigners

On the middle page there is also a full explanation about the unique features of the Dutch courses at VUE and some further explanation.

Choose below one of the levels. As example Dutch- Level 2.

Dutch for Foreigners List

This might look like here below: 

List with courses
NOTE! When there are more courses with the same title, diverse startdata is shown. So, in these cases hit the bluegray title for detailed information. 

Click on grey title for details

As example, after having clicked:
Here above we see that the course is given several times. Registration [adding to the shopping cart] can be done by clicking the red text Aanmeldformulier / registration form. [Check to hit the correct red link if more courses with the same title are offered]

On top there is always some detailed information. This is normally only in Dutch, except for the lower levels of the courses Dutch for foreigners. As example:

Explanation in English

Once one or more activities have been added to the shopping cart at the top of the page is a link 'Naar mijn inschrijfformulier' [to my registration form (shopping cart)]
The shopping cart is shown, for example: 

 In case of an error, with remove [Verwijderen] an activity can be deleted from the list.

NOTE! The fee mentioned is excluding books or other material unless specifically specified to be included.

Suppose you want to add other activities:

Shopping cart exit
Hit 'Ik wil nog een activiteit zoeken/I want to browse for another activity [See the green arrow above] or use directly the menus.

Once your shopping cart is full enough [you are at this page or return with Ik wil mijn inschrijving voltooien hit 'Ik wil mijn inschrijving voltooien/I want to complete my registration. [See the red arrow above]

Now it becomes very important to fill-in all fields correctly.

The form looks like:
Enrollment Form
It is important to fill-in correctly all boxes with an asterisk [the small star-sign].

NOTE! Don't forget to tick the box shown below [do it for your own form, not at this picture] This is your agreement that we draw the money from your account [incasso] in due time.

Thus, by ticking the box for agreement and hitting verstuur /submit  you want to enroll and allow drawing later the money from your account. However, nothing is complete yet!
Mandatory fields 
If you had forgotten to fill-in a mandatory field [denoted by the *] a message as above [hopefully shorter] may appear, listing the relevant empty fields.

NOTE! The system does not check your information. So, please, look carefully to all data you entered before hitting 'verstuur' [submit]
Especially a correct e-mail address is essential.  Also do not include dots or blanks [spaces] in your bank or giro account number.

If you did not tick the acceptance box:
Accept general conditions

We are still not ready. If everything was OK so far a message like below will appear: 

Registration sent

It may take some time before you receive another message that:

  • you can participate in the activity
  • the activity had to be cancelled
  • or was overbooked.

 NOTE! If you don't receive soon the automated e-mail message with the confirmation link, while you are sure that your e-mail address was correct,  you may wish to contact the administration [Tel: 040 - 7820810 or ]

NOTE! Do not order any books before you receive the letter that you are registered as a participant. We also do not draw any money from your account before sending you the participation letter and also maximal within 4 weeks before the start of the activity.
In some cases you may get early a letter informing you that you have been enrolled. However, the fee will not be drawn from your account more than 4 weeks before the start of the activity. The only exception may be an excursion for which a bus has to be hired. In this case the maximum period can be five weeks.

NOTE!   A useful tool may be the box:
Search box 
This search box may help to locate certain topics or activity codes. 


Indien u onze nieuwsbrief nog niet ontvangt, kunt u zich hier aanmelden: