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In het seizoen 2017-18 organiseert de Volksuniversiteit opnieuw lezingen in het Academisch Genootschap. Gratis voor vriend(inn)en van de VUE.

Klik hier(boven) voor het programmaboekje als pdf [0.75 MB]

FAQ English

In case you do not find the answer to your question in the list below, please send an email to the Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven (

Nederlandse versie? Klik hier.

However before sending us a mail, please read first the course descriptions and the information given at the general page "Dutch for Foreigners-Nederlands". There you find a lot of additional information, such as the average amount of homework hours and the admission procedure.


How can I sign up for a course through the Internet?

On the left side of the home page you will find "Programma aanbod" (Education Program). Select the category "Dutch for foreigners" or "English program" and then the desired course. Under the course information there is a link in red: "aanmeldformulier / registration form". After you have clicked this link the registration process will consist of 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Fill out the registration form and sent it.
  • Step 2: After step 1, we will send you an email. Open the email and confirm the registration by clicking on the link "Inschrijving bevestigen". Only then you are really registered.
  • Note 1: On our website you will find under the tab "Help FAQ" an explanation about the registration procedure.
  • When registration is no longer possible, the link "Aanmeldformulier / registration form" will not be displayed anymore.

If I did not receive an email from Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven to confirm my registration (= step 2 of question 1), what should I do?

It could happen, that our email to confirm the registration went to your spam box (unwanted emails). So please check your spam folder first. If you don't find it there, try again: fill out the registration form on our website, send it and confirm the mail that we will send you. In case you still haven't received the confirmation email after the 2nd attempt, then we kindly ask you to send an e-mail to the VUE on this address:

Please note that this step is very important. Only after clicking on the link, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven will receive your registration. Confirmation is not a proof, that you may participate in the course. It is only final step in the registration procedure.

How and when do I get response to my registration? (= after having succeeded in step 2 of question 1)

Upon receipt of your registration you will not get an immediate confirmation from us. We will wait till we have sufficient registrations for the course to start. The students will then get an email with an attachment of the confirmation. It gives you all the relevant information, such as the date of the class dates, place, time, location , etc.

My course will start soon but I still have not heard anything. Why?

It may be the case, that there are still not enough registrations to allow the start of the course (minimum number of participants usually is 8). At all times you will get a mail message whether or not the course will start, at the latest one week prior to the planned start.

Note: If you did not receive an email, maybe the email went to the spam box (unwanted emails). So please look in your mailbox first.

What happens if the course is fully booked?

Should the number of students exceed the number of available places, the last applicants will be placed on a waiting list or asked to register for another course having still place. In both cases you will receive a mail about it as soon as possible. Afterwards, if an enrollment is cancelled or we organize an extra course, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven will contact you again.

Can I get further information about the courses?

For extra information, not given in the course description on our website, and/or questions about the course content, please ask the teacher during the information evening. On our website you find more information about the information evening under the tab "algemeen" / "informatieavond". You may also contact the teacher of the course through email; his/her email address is listed at the relevant course. The administration will answer questions regarding registration and availability of courses, such as "Is my registration correctly booked?", "Does the course start?" etc. (


Are the books and/or other learning materials included in the course fee?

The course fee does not include books and/or other teaching materials.

How do I pay the course fee?

  • On the registration form we ask your account number and your debit authorization to withdraw the course fee from your account. We only do this when it is sure that the course will start and that you have received a confirmation that you are in the course. The course fee will be automatically debited from your account.
    Your bank statement is your payment proof.
  • Cash payment is only possible for students, who do not have a bank account, or if you ask it yourself. You will then receive an email from us, indicating when and how you can pay the course. At our office you can not use pin. If you pay cash, you will receive a receipt.
  • Note: You cannot pay the course fee to the teacher.

When should the course fee be paid?

When the course will start and you are in the course, you will receive a message. After this confirmation, the course fee will be transferred according to your debit authorization, most of the time within 2 weeks before the course starts.

Note: If a course does not start, no course fee will be collected.

What should I do, if my employer pays for the course?

It is possible to receive an invoice, on the company's-name. Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven has to manually invoice the course fee to the company through additional, special administrative actions. Therefore, an administration fee of 20,00 a student is charged for the business invoice. The company may request this business invoice by sending us an email, informing us of the correct business name, contact person and address of the company as well as the concerned course, the course fee, the student name and if needed, any other business details to be mentioned on the invoice. The company must also approve the administration fee of 20,00.

The student still has to purchase the books or any other learning material. These materials cannot be included in the invoice.

Note: When the student needs an invoice, on the students' name, you also have to send us an email. This invoice is free of charge. Normally Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven does not send an invoice, on the students' name, because the students usually pay themselves the course through a debit authorization to withdraw the course fee from their accounts. The bank statement is the student's payment proof.

Can I cancel my course?

You can cancel your registration up to two weeks before the course start date without extra costs. If you cancel during the 2 weeks prior to the course start date you will be charged 20,- administration charge. No refunds will be given once the course has started. In all cases you have to send us a mail informing us of your cancellation ( We will confirm your cancellation by mail. In case you do not receive an answer within one week after sending your cancellation mail, please call us to check the receipt of your mail.

Do I get money back in the event of sickness, absence or missed lessons?

In our general terms and conditions, you can read, that you don't get money back in the event of sickness or missing one or more lessons.


Where can I buy my books and/or other learning materials?

Only order the books when Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven sends you a mail, confirming your course will start. This confirmation (or cancellation) will be sent as soon as possible but latest one week before the starting date of the course.

Note: The Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven's mail to confirm your registration (see registration, question 2) is not the same as our participation confirmation mentioned here.

You can buy or order books/teaching materials by the internet or by regular bookstores, such as:

  • Bookshop Van Piere, Nieuwe emmasingel 44, 5611 AM Eindhoven, telephone number: 040-2492002
  • Bookshop Spijkerman, Kleine Berg 5, 5611 JS Eindhoven, telephone number: 06-10349498.
  • You cannot obtain books and other materials via the teacher; unless it's written in the course description on our website..

Note: The books and/or other resources are not included in the course fee.

dutch and english language courses

To whom do I ask a question about the content of the course?

When you have questions about the content of the course, the best you can do, is to contact the teacher . You can do this, preferably, during the information evening. On our website you find more details about the information evening under the tab "algemeen" / "informatieavond". You may also contact the teacher of the course by email; his/her email address is listed at the relevant course. The administration will answer questions regarding registration and availability of courses, such as "Is my registration correctly booked?", "Does the course start?" etc. (

How do I know which course is the correct one for me?

Please have a look at the course descriptions and check which one describes best what you already know. It will give you an idea which course to choose.

When you are a new student at Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven and you want to participate in course level 2 up to 6, we strongly recommend to visit the information evening. Additionally, when you are unsure, whether your English is sufficient to follow course level 1 or 2, we advise you to speak with a teacher during this evening.

During the information evening Wednesday 31th August 2016, you may drop by between 19.00-21.00, location: Van Maerlantlyceum, Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11, 5615 JS Eindhoven.

Should you not be able to visit this information evening, you may ask your questions to the teacher of the course, which you want to follow. Please provide the teacher with a few relevant details in your mail such as your nationality, your education, your English knowledge and whether you have a lot of Dutch daily contacts.

When is the information evening?

For the school year 2016/2017 the information evening will take place on Wednesday 31 August 2016 in the Maerlantlyceum from 19.00-21.00. Address: Jacob van Maerlantlaan 511, 5615 JS Eindhoven.

Do I get a certificate?

After having attended 80% of the classes, you may request to the teacher a certificate in order to testify that you followed the Dutch course. However, this certificate of attendance is not an official diploma. The student has to request the certificate by paying 5 euro to the teacher 2 or more weeks before the course is ending. The teacher gives the certificate to the student during the last lesson.

Does the Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven provide Civic Integration Courses (inburgeringscursussen)?

No, we do not offer civic integration courses


What should I do if I miss a lesson of the course?

Please contact the teacher through mail, advise him or her about your absence and ask for home work. It is very important that you do not miss too many classes in order to successfully follow the course.

What happens when the teacher is ill or unexpectedly absent?

If the lesson cannot take place, the teacher will send you an email. Always check, also on the day itself, if the teacher has sent you such a mail. If a lesson is cancelled, Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven will reschedule the lesson in consultation with the teacher.

What should I take with me for the 1st class?

The confirmation mail, confirming your participation in the course, will inform you about books and/or other learning material, which you need to take with you.

When are there no lessons?

During Dutch school terms and public holidays there are no lessons. In the confirmation mail of your enrollment to the course, you find all the class dates. Also the teachers will draw your attention to special days in the schedule.

Note. Some courses may continue during school terms, but this is an exception.


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