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Cursuscode: DUT151

Dutch level 1 - to A1 - morning - superintensive

Dutch level 1 - to A1 - morning - superintensive
Cursuscode: DUT151

The first level courses are intended for foreigners with little or no knowledge of the Dutch language. You will obtain practical fluency in and written command of the Dutch language needed for daily communication.

In the beginning of the course the teacher speaks a lot of English to explain the Dutch language. The reason is because there are a lot of different nationalities in the class.

- Homework: AT LEAST 5 hours a week
- Presence in class: it is necessary to attend all lessons because of the tempo of the course

Entry requirements
- Diploma of a secondary education of 10 years or more in country of student’s origin
- Good knowledge of English is required in order to follow the class.

Information evening languages
If you doubt your level Dutch, you can visit our annual information evening for languages. Teachers present will answer your questions, like the intake level of the course you wish to follow. The evening will be held at the van Maerlantlyceum, van Maerlantlaan, Eindhoven.  Pay attention: Paid parking applies in the immediate vicinity of the van Maerlantlyceum. Please note the P-signs to prevent a ticket. You can find the date en time of this information evening on the homepage of this website.  

Teachers and mail addresses for more information:
Mrs. A.M. Beks,
Mr. G. de Bont,
Mrs. M. Gruintjes,
Mrs. R. Liebens,
Mr. J. Schoofs,

Please ONLY contact the teacher of the course, which you desire to follow!

Vrijdag 6 september 2019
16 lessen van 2 uur en 15 min aanvangstijd 9:30 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 298,00
Mw. R.A.C. (R.) Liebens
Boek: Nederlands in gang, 3e druk (level 1&2) (klik hier voor meer informatie)

Let op: heeft u een BEVESTIGING van DEELNAME ontvangen per e-mail dat de cursus start? Bestel dan pas de boeken.

Please note: did you receive a CONFIRMATION of the START of the course by e-mail? In that case you can purchase the books. 

9:30 - 11:45
Locatie: Gemeenschapshuis de Ronde (klik hier voor de adres-, OV- en parkeerinformatie)
R.A.C. (R.) Liebens
R.A.C. (R.) Liebens