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Cursuscode: ESC-ESSWRI

Essay writing for beginners

Essay writing for beginners
Cursuscode: ESC-ESSWRI

Course description
The course Essay writing for beginners part 1 is developed to teach interested people the art of writing an essay. The essay has become more important in our current society and is an elegant and researched manner of making a point. In a time where fake news seems to lurk around every corner, it has become more and more important to get information and base opinions on well researched and true sources. In this course you will learn how to improve your reading, researching, critical thinking and reasoning, and of course your writing.

Course prerequisites
The aim of this course is to improve and build your proficiency and confidence as a writer of English.
The course has 6 classroom sessions (which are divided into a teaching part and a workshop part, where you will work together with the rest of the class). The sessions will last 2 hours each. Next to that there will be homework assignments that will take about 2 hours each week. We will use a handbook and several handouts which you will receive from the teacher.
During this course you will focus on laying the groundwork for writing an essay; taking notes and learning from great existing essays, picking a topic, researching said topic, writing an outline, structuring your arguments, and finally writing a good introduction.
Part 2 of the class (which will start Q1 2020) will take you through the next steps; how to write a solid and structured body, how to compose beautifully written transitions, and how to write a good and convincing conclusion.

This course is aimed at interested individuals whose English language abilities are at an intermediate level or above. Motivation and interest are the most important prerequisites. If you have questions or doubts about your level, please contact the instructor so she can assess your level. We will be choosing from topics that are relevant in our current social climate. An interest for developments in the world and passion for writing are needed. No previous knowledge of essay writing is required.
The class will be taught at everyone’s level. Some might be further along and will receive slightly different assignments than those who are just starting out. No worries, every level will be accommodated to. 

There is space for 9 students in this class, and it will be taught on Tuesday nights from 19:30-21:30 at the Van Maerlant Lyceum in Eindhoven (starting 10-11-2020).

Dinsdag 10 november 2020
6 lessen van 2 uur aanvangstijd 19:30 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 119,00 plus € 5,00 materiaalkosten.
Mw. C.E. (Elisabeth) Schellekens
Boek: The Basics of Essay Writing (klik hier voor meer informatie)
19:30 - 21:30
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C.E. (Elisabeth) Schellekens
C.E. (Elisabeth) Schellekens
My name is Elisabeth Schellekens and I will be teaching Essay Writing for Beginners Part 1 this fall. I'm very excited about teaching a class of motivated students who are looking to improve their level of written English. If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to send me an email at !