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Cursuscode: TEN930

English conversation B1 (Fontys students)

English conversation B1 (Fontys students)
Cursuscode: TEN930

This English conversation course is an ideal opportunity for Fontys students in higher education who want to improve and practise communication skills. The main idea is to focus on the students’ ability to express themselves in everday situations by exploring contemporary topics of interest and current news items.

Specific goals are help with learning 
• to speak more confidently;
• to communicate more clearly;  
• to use phrases that improve fluency in English.

Speaking practice is offered through the use of active learning techniques including prepared talks, spontaneous discussions, groupwork and pair exercises. Only English is spoken in class, except for some explanation in Dutch when necessary. We will not use a coursebook. Although primarily a conversation course, students are encouraged to perform small writing tasks such as making notes to prepare for individual speaking turns and group activities. 

Required competence level 
For successful participation students must have a good basic competence in speaking and writing English and an ability to understand fairly straightforward listening and reading. The required competence level is B1, known as pre-intermediate and equal to secondary education at havo/mbo-4 level. 

If you are not sure about your competence level, you can test yourself at DIALANG.
Should your test results be significantly lower than A2/pre-intermediate, this course is not suitable for you to attend. Basic grammar and vocabulary will not be taught or practised in class. Only if you have test results, you may contact the teacher for advice on participation. 

Information evening languages
If you doubt your level Dutch, you can visit our annual information evening for languages. Teachers present will answer your questions, like the intake level of the course you wish to follow. The evening will be held at the van Maerlantlyceum, van Maerlantlaan, Eindhoven.  Pay attention: Paid parking applies in the immediate vicinity of the van Maerlantlyceum. Please note the P-signs to prevent a ticket. You can find the date and time of this information evening on the homepage of this website.

Students are expected to: 
• Attend 80% of classes; 
• Give at least one individual presentation in class; 
• Prepare homework assignments; 
• Participate constructively in group activities; 
• Take responsibility for their own learning process. 

Test your English language skills:

Teacher: ms E.M.C.P. van den Hurk

Donderdag 3 oktober 2019
10 lessen van 1,5 uur aanvangstijd 18:15 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 115,00
Mw. E.M.C.P. (Ilse) van den Hurk

no extra materials needed

18:15 - 19:45
Locatie: Fontys (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
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E.M.C.P. (Ilse) van den Hurk
E.M.C.P. (Ilse) van den Hurk